Saturday, March 26, 2011

I'm all alone..! ;3;

So I've been interested all sorts of Gal-styles for the past 7 years or so. It started with Yamanba; i got my first tattoo of a hibiscus because of the impact the lifestyle has had on my. Sadly, I can only go as far as remotley dressing gyaru.

What's holding me back?

First and foremost--where I live.
-A small crack-town called Schenectady. Full of ghetto, crime, and drugs. Someone dressed gyaru would gather too much positive--and negative attention.

Second--my weight.
-I'm considerd 'obese' but I can shop mostly in normal stores, I always manage to find things that are too big, and I'm healthy. I'm just a big girl. but my weight does make it challenging to go beyond jeans, capris, and skirts below the knees. Then my extreme arm fat, my muffin top-which is more then a muffin top. And GIGANTIC boobs. Mind you-I look great ( ;3 ) but it does make it challenging with most gyaru fashion.

-I work 45-55 hours a week, 4 days a week at an office setting working in customer service. My job is mainly to answer the phones. As a concequence my hair must -NEVER- cover my left ear. Generally my hair is up in a clip or a tie. I do manage cust buns/side clips with great curls/texture time to time but we're talking 12-15 hour days, waking up at 6:30AM and not getting home till 9-10PM. A girl does love sleep.

Fourth-no where to go, no way to get there.
-I'm surrounded by nothing. No one in my area interested in gyaru fashion. I don't drive. All I have is my bike, the CDTA bus, and my feet. I'm so far from anyone interested in this; would love to join a gal gircle but it's just not possible. I've always considered doing a meet-up in NYC when they come around. Although I've been a fan for 7+ years and followed the evloution and style very closeley I'm still a virgin to it.

Fifth-some "must have" challanges!
-Contacts. I can't wear them. I tried; my eyes just get way too irritated. I can't get used to them!
-Falsies. I've tried and tried again; I can never get them to apply correctly.
-Fake nails-I've done it, I love them, but it's a bitch to keep up with them and they make my real nails weak as hell. They're already weak anyway and break -VERY- easily.
-Tan. Sun exposure when outside only, thanks. I can't be botherd to spend $30-$50 on a spray tan. I've dones do-it-yourself -MANY- times, the end result sucks. Plus due to my size I go through a container very quickly. Very costly. And no tanning salons near by.
-Hair. I suck at styling my hair. I'm best at beach curls, wavey, straight, and textured. I like headbands with the chains, colourful hair clips-the big ones, and hair ties. It's about 2" past my shoulder, slightly layerd, not much to work with.
-Hair colour. I'm a dirty blonde. October 2009 I went from elbow-legnth hair to 1" hair at the snap of a finger due to extreme damage from dyeing. I can't dye my hair again-I never want to get it damaged and cut it off again. I have natural highlights of blonde. :x

.                                                                                                                                                                                 .

So... What DO you look like?

Well, heres 2 shots.
-One with my normal up-do (Sorry for the seductive look!)

-Second, just for my eyes and lashes. I have long lashes, not the thickest. I've been told I have nice eyes. Always getting asked if I'm wearing contacts. This is what I look like at work...

Eventually I've have the time and resources to take a fullsize.

SOOO~~ Thats that for now!

I'll post again when I have more to show.. @w@