Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Room : Before AND After (WIP)


So as I've stated I've been doing over my room. I started Sunday night. It's Wednesday Night? Oo..

Well, I took before and after pics but it's still a work in progress.. But I've come a long way.


First of all let me tell  you no one comes over expect very close friends. So who care about my room? Well! I know what you surround yourself with can affect you! Plus It was just so..nasty. I needed a reason to go through my stuff and organize/throw stuff out. Plus I needed a new bed.. which meant new sheets...etc etc..You get it.

Click for BEFORE AND AFTER Pics!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane Irene : Schenectady, New York ++ PICS of Damage



So I'm in Upstate New York, about 3 hours from NYC (150 Mi approx.) and we are exoeriencing this 'Hurricane'. Only strong gusts of wind and lots of rain here. Some tree limbs are down, tons of foliage on the gournd.  No real damage from what I know.

I did work today! Usually 8am05pm but today was 8am-1pm.. Drive to and from work didn't see much damage. But infront of my house!!

I did manage to take some pics.. I'll also be posting my fail-bun hair for today as well as some pictures from the local arear taken by others..


as promised, my hair. Love these headbands right now! sorry for bad naiils...
Looking up, it's in the shape of a heart (accidental, I swear!)

At work (In rotterdam!) around 1PM.

Across the street from me!

WHOOSH! Big tree! This was around 7AM..

These are in Schenectady, NY.. taken by others in the area!

Friday, August 26, 2011

On the way to a new room! + Shirt/Pics++!



First of I just want to say YAY! 60th Post! :D


So I went out today, laundry/adult stuff like running around, then orderd my bed (delivery for wed) and picked up a rug, 2 decor pillows, and a bed set.. this is what I ended up with!

Bed Set: powder pink and beige- Comferter (reversiable), 2 sham (also reversiable), 2 sheet (fitted, top). Now all I need is a new bed skirt..I have a grey one and my old bed set is grey/seafoam green so It could work..

2 decor pillow and 2 pillow cases (I love 4 pillows!).. I fell in love with the striped one as soon as I saw it.. Huge and Fluffy! The 2nd one was a hard choice. I couldnt find a matching beige/pink pillowcase so I had to involve another colour.. and this one gave me the most oppertunity! I love Marshalls!

The colours are brighter in person.. I saw this while getting my bed and loved it but I hadnt decided on a bed set.. I completly forgot about this rug while shopping and before I actually bought a diff. rug I rememberd this!! I picked it up last. Ended where I began.. HUU~


So I'm painting my floor white, walls white, new drop-down tiles (white) and the Drop-Down Grid I am thinking of getting colourful with.. or should I just stick to BLACK? It's such a pain to paint it. And gosh! What colour should the trim in the room be? Not to mention needed new shelves!! ARGH

Did I mention my closet has no doors?! I use sheet/curtians. Which is something I'm going to have to update.. along with my window. Ahh.. so much to do!!


My first stop was Old Navy only because they're cute and have great sales! I picked up this T for $6.00!

There you can see the lace deco.. cute and simple. I'm in love with white tops (Which is bad <~~big girl ... oh well!)


BUG EYED! no really, I was so busy I just didn't have time to take pic. This was at the end of the day~~ Huu!


So Wednesday! Expect a room post! It'll still be a work in progress (Yellow Walls/brown floor anyone? :D)

Untill then!



Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saving+Bedding+Future Plans!



I'm exactly where I wasnt to be right now with saving for NYC (actually $100.00 more...)! So very proud of myself. Because of this saving I have enough to get food-stuffs and pay bills. I have about $30.00 at the end of it all every week aside from misc purchaces (pens for work, stuff that can't be mentioned, nail polish liners..misc cheap stuff...) and because I'm trying NOT to spend money in general I have't been going out. I don't need anything! And this is great because I can focus on exercise!

Now, I have been slacking... but if you only knew what was going on in my life! I'd mention bits but I don't want the other party involved feeling disrespected by it.

I'm still eating healthy; thankfully. I'm riding my bike more and exercising when my brain isint bonkers. The exercise will pick up again though... I have the KINECT!! I have Dance Central for it, the Kinect Adventures that comes with it as well as some Biggest Loser game that my mom picked up out of intrest.

I personally don't like to exercise in front of people so i have the system in my room with my TV.

I run into some problems because of this.

  • Queen Size Bed.
  • Bedroom is 7wx14l.. and 7wx3l is closet space... tv located closet space. 1/3 of closet is used as household storage. walls are lined with stands for my items with things upon them. I donlt have a small space to work with.. D:
So I've been things.. Downsize my bed and pack up some things that I don't use (as soon as it's packed I'll want to use it..!)

I did the math, I can save for NYC, pay bills, and get this bed! Not to mention I'll be DEBT FREE by the end of the year!!! I'm so glad I ruind my credit quickly and at a young age.. I have about 80% less debt then the avg person my age...!!)

I'll try to do mini-hauls of my misc purchaces..


New bed = New sheets/decor!!!! I'm painting my room white. black grid with white tiles. I'm not sure what style to go with. I'm considering ordering my sheets from DeLAiA*s.

I've seen these for a long while and have always wanted them.

I love that style and colours!!

Ahh.. What do you think? Any suggestions? :) Love to hear them..


THanks for coming by..!



Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Jewelry Haul ++ Stuffs!



Sorry for the delay. The past few days have been really hard for me. I had to break something off..and the diet change and sleep.. I'm been all de-funked. Plus my sisters birthday was Thursday (Sorry! No pics! :<)


I did have to go shopping friday for her presents--(no friday make! very stressful..) and I decided that because I'm doing so good i'd treat myself! I really needed some new acceories...!!


This is such a pretty necklace! I could wear it as a choker if i wanted to.. :P

Nailpolish on left from SEPHORA.. i redid my nails.I like them better now.. :c It's COLLIDE by ILLAMSQUA

These necklaces can pretty much be worn with any of my necklaces.. :3 (maybe not the ribbon one..)


I <3 keys!

This one is my absolute favorite. Not too fond of the butterflies. :/


I found a place like Platos Closet but its called CLOTHES MENTOR.. Sizes 0-26, current fashion, shoes up to size 12...purses. etc.. real nice selection from A LOT of diff stores...

I got a CK linnen/cottn shirt.. got it too big because I wanted it as a stylish lazy day.. very cute/sexy! Very lightweight but not sheer!

I hope you enjoyed!


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Big Ticket Item!? + G_S..



So I've been thinking more and more about NYC. I'm planning on buying one big ticket item, something every gal needs and should never skimp on.. plus to spoil myself with my hard work.. what is that MUST HAVE item that sould never (or maybe.?) be skimped on! I need input here!!


I have one thing to say that G_S has taught me.

Never take pics when you are feeling ill.

It was friday.. and I only really get a change to go all-out (maqke/hair) with gyaru on fridays.. My hair just wasnt where I expected it to be. It was so cust the fitst time (previous pic) but I got over-excited and put too much product in so it just was horrid. The weather was bad, cramps and headaches... UGH!

It's in your best intrest to get your rest because my products were a waste that day. :(

G_S isint so bad.. :)



Friday, August 5, 2011

Puppysitting! + Pics of make/questions


I did puppysit. It was very humid and he was very fidgety so I decided against including him in any phot-shoots.

Aside from that I did take a pic of him..!

His name is Leapode and he's 3 months old! We spent the day together. He's very friendly and intelligent. GOOD BOY!


I did make it a point to go outside and take pics without flash. Hopefully the contouring/blush will show better.

Here we go!!

VVV   More After Link VVV 

Monday, August 1, 2011

Normal Vs Gyaru + Mum returns + Exer Update!



So I didn't take a lot of pics friday and the ones I did take are not.. well. Let's just say you won't see any! haha..

I did come across some pics I took before work and I've decided to post a pic--one of regular every-day make (5-10min) as well as my gyaru make (15-30min)

^Everyday Make^

^Gyaru Make^
Please be mindful of a few things..

  1. My hair is not frizzy! I braided it the night before for some change
  2. When doing gyaru make I did not feel well AT ALL. Sub par. D:
  3. Photos taken with flash. You will not see the contour. Barley see the blush. 
I will now provide a pic taken without flash so you'll see the end result of why I use flash. :(

As you can see flash indoors in a requirement. I could have gone outside, yes. It's -SO- hot recently and I'd rather not, at least not when I'm feeling icky. Hopefully I'm feeling 110% next friday!


My sister received a Chihuahua puppy! I may be puppy-sitting him Friday! He may be a guest star next Friday..! <3


Mum returned from Otakon today. She works staff there. Every year I ask for the same things..

  • Gyaru magazine
  • COPiC markers
  • Comic papar
And this is the first year she's found nothing! Otakon must be going down hill or she didn't look hard enough. TTwTT

But every year she brings home a Hello Kitty plush for me! She also brought me some HK candies and Wye River Crab Seasoned CRABBERS in white cheddar! Delish!

She's so cute! I have an over-flow of plushies as it is.


Exercise Update:::

So I rearranged my closet to get things to fit and get more room. In the process I damaged the plugs for the wii fit! I've been trying to get it to work for 3 days now but no sucuss.. :( I have been doing some heavy duty house cleaning and lifting and I've been eating very healthy as well as riding my bike so hopefully this wont impact my progress too hard.. :(


Thats it for now! Thanks for reading.. :)