Sunday, August 7, 2011

Big Ticket Item!? + G_S..



So I've been thinking more and more about NYC. I'm planning on buying one big ticket item, something every gal needs and should never skimp on.. plus to spoil myself with my hard work.. what is that MUST HAVE item that sould never (or maybe.?) be skimped on! I need input here!!


I have one thing to say that G_S has taught me.

Never take pics when you are feeling ill.

It was friday.. and I only really get a change to go all-out (maqke/hair) with gyaru on fridays.. My hair just wasnt where I expected it to be. It was so cust the fitst time (previous pic) but I got over-excited and put too much product in so it just was horrid. The weather was bad, cramps and headaches... UGH!

It's in your best intrest to get your rest because my products were a waste that day. :(

G_S isint so bad.. :)




  1. I just got back from NYC and I recommend going to Elizabeth Center in Chinatown for circle lenses (there's 3-4 places that have GEO and Barbie brand) and Daigar Beauty Store outside of Elizabeth Center for makeup! Daigar carries a lot of gal makeup brands like Dolly Wink, Melliesh, Majolica Majorca, Kate and lots of other goodies :) Lenses are $25/pair (cash only) and the makeup is a bit pricey but it's definitely good for instant gratification :)

    With the pictures I just think you need to find really good lighting (like natural lighting) and angles~ It's hard to do but with lots of practice with camwhoring it will come :D

    But you should feel good though that people aren't saying bad things about you on g_s! I've gotten way worse comments on there!

  2. I hope you had fun! THe price for lenses is almost the same online--no shipping and handling! Haha~ When you say the make is pricey how pricey do you mean? If you have any pics post em! :))