Friday, August 5, 2011

Puppysitting! + Pics of make/questions


I did puppysit. It was very humid and he was very fidgety so I decided against including him in any phot-shoots.

Aside from that I did take a pic of him..!

His name is Leapode and he's 3 months old! We spent the day together. He's very friendly and intelligent. GOOD BOY!


I did make it a point to go outside and take pics without flash. Hopefully the contouring/blush will show better.

Here we go!!

VVV   More After Link VVV 

I saved them angled.. I guess when uploaded they dont keep their angle.

New sparkle brushes!

Saved this one at an angle too.. this is one of my new shirts~MUCH LOVE!



Mu Hair:
I wasn't sure how to do my hair today. I was in a bit of a rush seeing as it took me longer to get ready ( ;D ) so I used a side-clip and curled it. I like how it came out. This is a hair style I could def wear to work!!

My Make:
I tried something diff and applied a bit less liner on bottom and used black shadow for a slight fade. I used shadow on upper lids too. Other than that i didn't do anything diff.


If you saw me in person you would def see the contouring/blush. I didn't use flash and you still can't see it. Am I doing something wrong? Do I appky darker for photo? Because I do my make fri morning and do ALL my friday stuff with my make/hair did so I wouldnt want to over-apply for just to have it obvious in photo..D: Or is that something ya'll do??? Waste.



My mom brought back a CHOPSTICKSNY book that comes out every so offten (and they have a WEBSITE!!!!) that gives ou store locations, reviews, tipes, ets on JAPAN IN NEW YORK CITY! I've just recently discoverd this but so far looks promising! Please take a look at it.. :)

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