Friday, August 26, 2011

On the way to a new room! + Shirt/Pics++!



First of I just want to say YAY! 60th Post! :D


So I went out today, laundry/adult stuff like running around, then orderd my bed (delivery for wed) and picked up a rug, 2 decor pillows, and a bed set.. this is what I ended up with!

Bed Set: powder pink and beige- Comferter (reversiable), 2 sham (also reversiable), 2 sheet (fitted, top). Now all I need is a new bed skirt..I have a grey one and my old bed set is grey/seafoam green so It could work..

2 decor pillow and 2 pillow cases (I love 4 pillows!).. I fell in love with the striped one as soon as I saw it.. Huge and Fluffy! The 2nd one was a hard choice. I couldnt find a matching beige/pink pillowcase so I had to involve another colour.. and this one gave me the most oppertunity! I love Marshalls!

The colours are brighter in person.. I saw this while getting my bed and loved it but I hadnt decided on a bed set.. I completly forgot about this rug while shopping and before I actually bought a diff. rug I rememberd this!! I picked it up last. Ended where I began.. HUU~


So I'm painting my floor white, walls white, new drop-down tiles (white) and the Drop-Down Grid I am thinking of getting colourful with.. or should I just stick to BLACK? It's such a pain to paint it. And gosh! What colour should the trim in the room be? Not to mention needed new shelves!! ARGH

Did I mention my closet has no doors?! I use sheet/curtians. Which is something I'm going to have to update.. along with my window. Ahh.. so much to do!!


My first stop was Old Navy only because they're cute and have great sales! I picked up this T for $6.00!

There you can see the lace deco.. cute and simple. I'm in love with white tops (Which is bad <~~big girl ... oh well!)


BUG EYED! no really, I was so busy I just didn't have time to take pic. This was at the end of the day~~ Huu!


So Wednesday! Expect a room post! It'll still be a work in progress (Yellow Walls/brown floor anyone? :D)

Untill then!



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