Friday, September 30, 2011

POTM : Cellphone Deco!



POTM: Project of the month. I'll try to be posting projects I do every month. Sadly I don't think I'm creative enough for a weekly project. If you want to see a project let me know and I'll try it out...


This Month : October
 (It only took me 4 hours to do it...ahh..)
Cell Phone Deco

Colours Used:

Accents Used:
A Romantic Pin which is a novalty pin company
A pearl/pink rose button
Flower Bead (I was going to use more of these but after the first one I didn't really like it.)

Progress Shots

This is my Very First Deco using proper materials and steps. As stated took me 4 hours. I didn't rush, I just stuck em' on. I under estimated the amount of small gems I would need so I ran out half way through the back and had to find other gems laying around... If I didn't have to salvage gems may have only taken me 3 hours.

I must say I -REALLY- enjoyed it. I plan on doing these monthly for my cellphone.

I was thinking because I enjoyed it so much I could possibly take requests or even open up a small shoppe for these.

Not sure if I'm that good. Please let me know!



Thursday, September 29, 2011

Playing with my phone + Pics



So I'm not goiong private as I said because I'm not really going to be posing much but nonsense untill I come back from NYC.

I've really been enjoying these apps..

Here's some photos of said apps... each took me around 5min..

My babay Bandit! I exclude Whiskers a lot from these posts.. :/

Me @ work today.

Recently I've been using foursquare. I intend on becoming mayor where I work!

Coworker Stephanie! She's a beautiful and unique woman. I'm jealouse of her olive skin!

More of Bandit.


I guess I'll do something with Whiskers... :P


If you know of any other android apps you think I'll like let me know! I'm going app crazy!! I would love to be a friend and play fraind-game apps.. :)



Tuesday, September 27, 2011

First post on my phone!

This is just a test... :)

...and i love this program. i got some puri and edting apps as well as a language app...

Monday, September 26, 2011

Makin' me Private + Busy + New!



Sory for the delay of Friday post! I was really busy and didn't even have the time to do anything but run around.


I finally got my new phone!

Samsung Captivate!

Android 2.2 plat
Touch screen only (As was my Samsung Solstice <3)
Pretty much a normal phone.

I've been using 美图秀秀 on it.. great program/app!

I used it on my walk with my sister and her pup. I snapped a quick pic...

It was a hot/muggy day and bugs were out by the river. UGH! I had bbq chichken and bbq pork pizza...!

Chichken BBQ Pizza!


NYC in 7 days and I still can't find many +size clothing stores.. :< But I'm on point with NYC funds..! I'm going to make sure to take MANY pictures!! I'm thinking of either going to a club or making reservations as a really nice resturant for the night I am staying.. All I know is Forever 21 @ Time Square is open till 2AM! HAH!



Someone is harassing me and won't leave me alone so I am blocking off all forms of communication. I know this person checks my blog to 'spy' on me. Because of this I am going private. I am sorry..

Down the road I may go back to being public but this person serisouly needs to -BACK OFF-.. You know who you are.

Because of this starting my next post my blog will be put to private.


Thank you!!


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lark Fest + Haul + Pics!!



So I went to Lark Fest in Albany which is like a street festival. Well, It IS a street festival.

It's a long on either side with food stalls and vendors selling all sorts of things. I had a great time..

Sadly no pics of the actual festival! :(

My camera was dead and I spent the night at my sisters house so I didn't really do my make/hair too much..

My sister did take a photo or two with her phone but she has yet to upload them...


We spent about 6 hours there. Met up with a few friends. Had some yummy indian food and fresh mini apple cide donughts. I was going to check out the Silent Disco but it was packed..


There were dogs EVERYWHERE! So cute and friendly.


Lots of public intoxication. A lot of college students. Haha...


I bought a few things and I'd like to share them with you!~

In The Picture:
  • Hand made cat toy filled with organic cat nip; free treats with any purchace. $3.00
  • Mesh headband with fabric flowers-black. $4.00
  • Purple tinted glass heart--I will be using this as an ashtray. $3.50
  • Cotton usamimi with blue flowers (looks like forget me-not's)..$4.00
  • My first every MAC product.. plus it's WONDER WOMAN!!! $15.00

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Another day gone by ; PIC/s



Sorry for the late update. I've been working 7AM-PM (pretty much) and I was -SO- busy friday.. I did my make but i was short on time so I took some face shots and ran away to do my daily things. And end of the day make isint as nice at the start of the day... :P

Some good news! I'm able to put in and take out my lense quickly and I don't need a mirror anymore. I can also wear them longer without irritation!

I'm sooo poor right now aside from saved money. I'm going Oct 7/8!! Already booked a hotel near TS.

Because I'm paying off bills/saving/etc I'm house bound. I don't do anything that requires $$$ so I'm not going to be going out and about as much.. I'll have nothing to blog about! I'll figure something out.

Also slacking on exercise but I am more active and mainting a heathly eating lifestyle.

I found and AWESOME pair of wide leg jeans.. OMGHAWT. Dark blue. Nothing decorative so I prob wont post them. Not very 'gyaru' but can be mature and sexy with right shoes/belt/shirt.


Here's a pic/s that I did take..