Saturday, September 10, 2011

Another day gone by ; PIC/s



Sorry for the late update. I've been working 7AM-PM (pretty much) and I was -SO- busy friday.. I did my make but i was short on time so I took some face shots and ran away to do my daily things. And end of the day make isint as nice at the start of the day... :P

Some good news! I'm able to put in and take out my lense quickly and I don't need a mirror anymore. I can also wear them longer without irritation!

I'm sooo poor right now aside from saved money. I'm going Oct 7/8!! Already booked a hotel near TS.

Because I'm paying off bills/saving/etc I'm house bound. I don't do anything that requires $$$ so I'm not going to be going out and about as much.. I'll have nothing to blog about! I'll figure something out.

Also slacking on exercise but I am more active and mainting a heathly eating lifestyle.

I found and AWESOME pair of wide leg jeans.. OMGHAWT. Dark blue. Nothing decorative so I prob wont post them. Not very 'gyaru' but can be mature and sexy with right shoes/belt/shirt.


Here's a pic/s that I did take..




Thanks for looking.. If you're interested in anything or wanna throw some things my way to blog/explore let me know..




  1. I have to say, I think you're gorgeous and I LOVE your hair. I have to say green eyes just POP on you. I can feel you about being broke. It feels I'm perpetually without cash these days. So sad.

  2. Thanks! I'm considering hazle next.. or violet. Not sure.