Thursday, September 29, 2011

Playing with my phone + Pics



So I'm not goiong private as I said because I'm not really going to be posing much but nonsense untill I come back from NYC.

I've really been enjoying these apps..

Here's some photos of said apps... each took me around 5min..

My babay Bandit! I exclude Whiskers a lot from these posts.. :/

Me @ work today.

Recently I've been using foursquare. I intend on becoming mayor where I work!

Coworker Stephanie! She's a beautiful and unique woman. I'm jealouse of her olive skin!

More of Bandit.


I guess I'll do something with Whiskers... :P


If you know of any other android apps you think I'll like let me know! I'm going app crazy!! I would love to be a friend and play fraind-game apps.. :)




  1. What app are you using? I use Kiradeco for decorating my pics!

  2. I've been using 美图秀秀 and PriPriMarron.. I sae Kiradeco but I havent tried it yet.. :x Good things?