Monday, September 26, 2011

Makin' me Private + Busy + New!



Sory for the delay of Friday post! I was really busy and didn't even have the time to do anything but run around.


I finally got my new phone!

Samsung Captivate!

Android 2.2 plat
Touch screen only (As was my Samsung Solstice <3)
Pretty much a normal phone.

I've been using 美图秀秀 on it.. great program/app!

I used it on my walk with my sister and her pup. I snapped a quick pic...

It was a hot/muggy day and bugs were out by the river. UGH! I had bbq chichken and bbq pork pizza...!

Chichken BBQ Pizza!


NYC in 7 days and I still can't find many +size clothing stores.. :< But I'm on point with NYC funds..! I'm going to make sure to take MANY pictures!! I'm thinking of either going to a club or making reservations as a really nice resturant for the night I am staying.. All I know is Forever 21 @ Time Square is open till 2AM! HAH!



Someone is harassing me and won't leave me alone so I am blocking off all forms of communication. I know this person checks my blog to 'spy' on me. Because of this I am going private. I am sorry..

Down the road I may go back to being public but this person serisouly needs to -BACK OFF-.. You know who you are.

Because of this starting my next post my blog will be put to private.


Thank you!!



  1. Stalkers suck. I'm really sorry this person is harassing you. I hope you can return to public posting soon! I enjoy your posts!

  2. It happens. Nothing I can't handle. :) Thank you for your concern. They haven't been bothing me as much latley so I may not go private!