Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lark Fest + Haul + Pics!!



So I went to Lark Fest in Albany which is like a street festival. Well, It IS a street festival.

It's a long on either side with food stalls and vendors selling all sorts of things. I had a great time..

Sadly no pics of the actual festival! :(

My camera was dead and I spent the night at my sisters house so I didn't really do my make/hair too much..

My sister did take a photo or two with her phone but she has yet to upload them...


We spent about 6 hours there. Met up with a few friends. Had some yummy indian food and fresh mini apple cide donughts. I was going to check out the Silent Disco but it was packed..


There were dogs EVERYWHERE! So cute and friendly.


Lots of public intoxication. A lot of college students. Haha...


I bought a few things and I'd like to share them with you!~

In The Picture:
  • Hand made cat toy filled with organic cat nip; free treats with any purchace. $3.00
  • Mesh headband with fabric flowers-black. $4.00
  • Purple tinted glass heart--I will be using this as an ashtray. $3.50
  • Cotton usamimi with blue flowers (looks like forget me-not's)..$4.00
  • My first every MAC product.. plus it's WONDER WOMAN!!! $15.00

This product is a blush/bronzer/illuminator in one. There were shadow pigmints and glosses.. my PF happy pressed powder is almost gone. I use it daily so I'm sure I can put a dent in this before I go to NYC.

This was something I bought before I got to Lark Fest. It's a new product from MAYBELLINE called BABYLIPS. It's a baby pink balm thats supposed to soften your lips. I swatched it on my hand to the left and added a small pic of me and my lips (I'm wearing the MAC WonderWoman around my lips/on my face). Under $4.00.. I like it!

I actually nabbed this from my sister. She's had it for years and I've always wanted it. We've been swapping Hello Kitty for years now so she gave it to me..!! <3

Need I say more?

This is actually a pic (no flash) taken form a some-what low angel prior to me rushing out the door Friday to take care of business. No lip ring.. </3 I didn't do anything with my hair now was I wearing lower lashes. I felt weird friday in general so MEH.

Me and LEO! This was the pic that was taken at lark fest. Leo is such a lazy butt.. I'm waering BABY LIPS here...


Thank you all for looking!



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