Friday, September 30, 2011

POTM : Cellphone Deco!



POTM: Project of the month. I'll try to be posting projects I do every month. Sadly I don't think I'm creative enough for a weekly project. If you want to see a project let me know and I'll try it out...


This Month : October
 (It only took me 4 hours to do it...ahh..)
Cell Phone Deco

Colours Used:

Accents Used:
A Romantic Pin which is a novalty pin company
A pearl/pink rose button
Flower Bead (I was going to use more of these but after the first one I didn't really like it.)

Progress Shots

This is my Very First Deco using proper materials and steps. As stated took me 4 hours. I didn't rush, I just stuck em' on. I under estimated the amount of small gems I would need so I ran out half way through the back and had to find other gems laying around... If I didn't have to salvage gems may have only taken me 3 hours.

I must say I -REALLY- enjoyed it. I plan on doing these monthly for my cellphone.

I was thinking because I enjoyed it so much I could possibly take requests or even open up a small shoppe for these.

Not sure if I'm that good. Please let me know!




  1. I love this! It's adorable omg ;v;
    also if you opened a shop i'm sure tonnes of people would buy them ;o; if I had money i would omg

  2. I want to! But I would hate to spend $$ and time on a case for a phone no one has.. or that's interested in deco. I'm thinking I need to just make a bunch of cases for my personal phone and show them off. Eventually I'm sure i'll build up a gallery to a point where I can display them and have commissions.. that's down to road possibly. Lol