Saturday, April 21, 2012

This month in ALLURE...



Posting on my phone so please excuses me. I'm currently working full time and going to the gym 5 days/week right now. :) very busy... I have made a few new purchaces but noting to scream about. Weight loss kind of defeats the purpouse of buying anything.. :(

Plus I'm so exhausted I spend all my time sleeping. Maybe I should retire this blog... I'm never here!

Aside from that I did reverse tye-dye for the 1st time...


who knows. Once the weather gets nicer I might start dressing up again.. It just sucks because work/gym/no time to day anything/sweaty. Do you girls wear make when exercising? I'm talking some serious sweat...haha...


On a side note May 13th is my birthday!




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