Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Not sure where to start off;

I finally recieved my CANMAKE Cream Check 03--I'm surprised at how tiny it is. I've used it a few times; trying to find the perfect amount for application. I wish it a big brighter; you see, I'm pale. I guess you could also say I have sensative skin because my face gets a bit "pinkish" when I go outside? Whatever..


I don't particulary like the winter time. I have a few over-shirts, carnigans, light jackets.. but my wardrobe mainly consists of jeans and tank-tops. I love to layer. I have a vast collection of shoes though!

I guess that'll be it for now. I have every intention on positing hair/makeup/outfits on here along with a few other usless things that strike my fancy; whatever I happen to snap with my camera ;3

Untill then~!