Sunday, May 29, 2011

Questions question questions!

Hihi! Nothing too exciting~



So as a gyaru-in-training, sure, I have a lot of knowlage but I lack the skill to put that knowlage to use! I have the tools, I have the drive--there are just some things that are not working out for me..

I have some specific questions! Some things I have experienced with gyaru-make style and other style questions.

cover up, foundation, powder, contour, blush. Usually do contour after eyes, before blush.

Contour question(s):
--I need to wear glasses to work. The contour on my nose builds up and leaves dark spots where my glasses rest. Any way to prevent that?

Blush Questions:
I apply powder to most of my cheek, a brighter pink to the apples. Is this correct?

Primer, shadow(s), liner, powder over liner, mascara, lashes, eyebrows

Liner Question(s):
--After I apply the liner I press a light amount of black eyeshadow over the liner, top and bottom, to seal it in. 6 hours or so after wear it tends to appear faded/smuged/faded/etc. How do I prevent this?

--My eyes droop down at the ends naturally. Ehh.. very long eyelashes. Connecting the top and lower liner to the < look's funny. Am I crazy? Is there a special liner style that will compliment my eyes?

--When I try to acomplish the liner wing at the end of the upper eye it gets all bent and wriggly. I've watched many videos and tried many times but I still get messed up. Is it because of the shape of my eye? Loose skin? Are there tips to doing this besideds pulling the skin to smoothe it out?

False Eyelash Question(s):
--When I see pics of women wearing false lashes you can barley tell that they arn't real. In my pics in the previous post they curv a lot higher then my natural lash. Should I invest in a lash curler? Should I be shaping my false lashes down a bit? And if so how? What lashes will best compliment my eyes or is it all fair game?

Circle Lense Question(s):
--As I stated previously I attempted to put in a lense about 3 years ago. I did get it in but my eye was beet red and immedatly irritated. I have to force my eye open just to see what it looked like. My eye would not stop tearing. Is this normal? Are all lenses like this? Is there a reason this happend? Should I NOT wear lenses?

--If I'm just crazy where is the best place to buy lenses? what colour should I invest in? what style?

Eyebrow Question(s):
--I have over-plucked my eyebrows on the ends and they refuses to grow back! I do trim my eyebrows so they are kept. Is it necessary to shave them down as it appears on most gyaru?

Wash, air dry, some product depending on what I feel like doing.

Hair Question(s):
--I get my hair cut about 2x a year. October 2009 my hair was to my mid back. I chopped it all off to a short pixi due to severe damage from hair dye. I'm very iffy about dying my hair. I need to get it cut again. I'm against getting it styled due to when I wake up the next morning there will no longer be a style. What gyaru hair cut will work best with my face shape?

--I am interested in getting a light dye job. Professional to reduce damage. Is my current hair colour sutiable for gyaru? What colour is?

--What is the best way to style my hair? I havge naturally wavy hair, some parts are extra-curly. the back always falls flat. VERY VOLUMPTIOUS.


These are all the questions I have at the moment. Please leave input!




  1. do you know eilish? shes a gal from the UK & her gal make is REALLY pretty =D
    look at some of her pics for inspo?

    as for brows? they look okay to me, i would just get them arched (go to the salon, dont do it yourself lol)
    and bleach them! you can buy Bleach cream at sally hansens!

    but you dont have to shave them off like some gals do =D

    good luck on ur gal journey! & remember to have fun!

  2. and as for hair? there is no "GAL HAIR" thats stupid lol! there is no color suitable for gal. gal trends are constantly changing and so are hairstyles. you dont have to do the typical cookie cutter image of gal hair
    (lol like this)
    get what makes you look good! girls are dying their fuckin hair purple, black, yellow, all kinds of shit these days! so its all up to you.
    example: me! i had that same problem as you (wondering if my hair color was gal or not, volume, etc etc)
    i said fuck it & shaved my head! set my own damn trend! at first i felt like an outcast cuz NO OTHER GALS out there had a shaved head~! but i started getting compliments and decided to keep it & make it my signature style~!

  3. I keep that in mind when I do my make/hair. I have to go with thats practicle to me. Takes about 15min to do my make, another 20 to do my hair (depending on what I do) and I work 7:20am-7:30 (or lateR) PM.. so If I wake up earlier...well.. Eventually I'll be running on no sleep. :3 So I stick to whats practical. I expect ridicule at one point. But hey, who doesn't get picked on?