Wednesday, May 11, 2011

It's That Time Of Month Again!

Ah! Warm weather! What does that mean? I can start riding my bike again!!

I went out last week and took the first step to a healtier more socialy accepted-looking me. How? Bought some kicks for exercising as well as an outfit. There's a 24/7 gym near my work which I intend on going to after work, 4 days a week, 2 hours a day. One of those days I intend on spending 3-4 hours at said gym.

Tanning included!

I also came across a sweet blog that goes above and beyond (in my opinion) for starter-motivation/workouts for who else but starters! (VERY HELPFUL!!)


Also included are lvl 1, 2, 3, grocery shopping lists, workout plans, check lists, recipes, etc etc...

It reminds me of what you would find in magazines, 1 page work-out plans for a specific part of your body.. but this seems to work with your whole body in mind and you can do it without going to the gym!


As a concequence of winter weight I've shyed away from photos.

-My hair has gotten longer, still no dye.
-Working on getting nails healtier, stronger, longer.


New store, new plus size clothing! It's geared towards juniors and although I shall be 25 (May 13th!!!! FRIDAYYY!!!) I love the selection! Just recently bout a gray and white striped tank with a giant gemmed bow on top and 2" of flowerly lace on the bottom; flowly! Super cute, IMO. Also a nautical-themed over shirt.

Trying NOT to buy more clothing untill I get some of this weight gone-basically till my pants are falling off of me! I'm focusing on sweats and pajamas, When not working out I'll be sweating my ass off (I do it every summer,, huhhu...)!


Love life? EHH... 3 years, 5 months with my 'southern' boy. He's in his own world but loves and accepts me after he pokes fun. We've been serisouly discussing investing in a car and moving in together. I intend to be married by 27, children no later then 30....

Odd, it's only 5 years away. TT_TT!!


So is 25 too old to stive for the gal look? To a lot of you I'm sure it is. To me? Whatever makes me happy and as long as I dont look a fool! I still get mistaken for under 21... SWEET.


Till next time!!!!

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