Tuesday, May 31, 2011




So I woke up a bit late today.. and it was really hot/humid out. TT_TT

I had a mission today!

  • pick up my custom-framed painting from my Great grandfather - ✓
  • Purchace an angeld brush for conturing cheeks - ✓
  • Purchace a colour to contoru my cheeks -
  • Purchace more lashes - ✓
  • Purchace an eyelash curler - ✓
  • Purchace any other helpful tools - ✓
So as you can see I could not find a colour to contour my cheeks thats I was happy with... and I don't want to continue using my revlon eyeshadow pallet that I use for my nose.

So yeah, I need to find a medium of the two shades. It's revlon colorstay eyeshadow in coffee bean. The top one I use as a highlight over any cream highlgither on my nose and the bottom one just sits there looking pretty. :P

While I was at SEPHORA I did swatch a few face powders but nothing seemed right and I didn't feel like asking at the time considering I had a limited amount of money at the time.


Boo~Bear (Jason) gave me $100.00 so this friday after I cash my check I'm trucking back up to Sephora to get that shade!!


Also considering in investing in a dome shaped brush to contour my nose. The one I'm using now isin't meant for it. I'm sure once I get the right brush it'll look 100% better! Your ideas on the right brush?


I've lost about 5lbs; no exercise, no nothing. Just pure sweat. LOL I WENT DOWN A PANT SIZE!! Isin't that CRAZY? So I'm a bit hesitant in investing in any type of clothing. Maybe I should make it a little tighter than I normally do? But what if I don't lose anymore? Ugh! I don't know D:



Ity appears as though the right (Left in pic) last is a bit..lower than the other?? D: Oh well.. These are the $1.59 lashes from the discount store. They were a BITCH to get off the case. Maybe that's the reason the other is fucked? Ho hum~

Not too bad closed. You can see the contour of my nose.. hardly my cheek. I was afriad to use my blush brush on the eyeshadow pallett and ruin it..


BOOM! Hey. I think I'm hot and so does my Boo~Bear. That's all that matters. Actually, his opinon doesn't matter either. LOL

To Sephora~


And my purchaces! Lashes~ can't wait to try. The black thing above is an eyelash aplicator? Seem's nifty. We'll see how that goes over. And I bedazzle the shit out of my nails often!

Aside from the lash curelr (I couldn't find an electric one..) and brush I think this is decent..


Well, cold shower and bed! Tootles!



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