Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Shouldn't be up!

2Am; wake up at 6:30AM for a 12 hour shift! I'M SO SMART!


Actually Posting because I've been quite busy tidying up and listening to music and watching OLD movies.. Checked my e-mail and realized I had e-mailed myself some pics from the past few weeks.. Figure I'd show ya'll a few more things including a few birthday presents I recieved <3


First off; a few looks at me. 90% of pics you'll see of me are before/at work. When not at work I take pleasure in laying around in pajamas and doing nothing. :C
At work, normal attire. Told ya' I'm a big girl! <3 5'3 'thunder thighs' LOL!

Nothing special... :9

Real glasses.. straightend my hair. :9 I don't do it often. Too much work!

Natural hair, playing with lip colours.

A cup my mum thought suited me... MMHM

My stuffed sanrio collection as of now with 2 rogues.. can you spot them? :B

Shoulda' rotated..Bandit on my boyfriend Jason. YES! The INFAMOUS BANDIT!

My BIRTHDAY CAKE my AWESOME Sisiter Esha got me!! <3 Hello Kitty GLOWS.. doesn't take a good pic like that though..

A compact mirror my bitchin' sister Jess got me! I added the stones on her bow myself.. and as you can see I'm at work.. and my zebra/star phone case.....I hate animal print, honestly.

Jason and I have been together for 3.5 years as you know and this is the first time he's put any thought into what to get me! The mouse flashes and has a floaty hello kitty in it! I use it ALL the time..DUH!


So, I did get that pedicure I wanted. I didn't get my nails done.. they're weak. Not doing a horrid job on growing them.


Still not working out.. UGHH I'm such a procrastonater (sp?)


So as it stands, 2:10AM~ SWEET DREAMS! I'm feeling more motivated!!

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