Thursday, May 19, 2011

Again? But is hasn't been at least a month! :O

Hihi! Back again..


Fiddled with some makeup. All off the top of my head. The eyeshadow is based off of one of my favorites from an EGG magazine back in.. 2009? Mmhm.. And did my hair with a straightner. Not very coorapative D:


So..yeah... currently using one of the Sallly H. HD nail polishes.. silver glitter tips.
HAIIIRRR~~! It's actually quite.. dirty... so it fell flat on top after a while. :c

And now onto some more random photos...

Allie <3 got me this shirt for Christmas

I <3 My Bicycle! I really do!


And onto my birthday presents!

As you've already seen my HK mousepad, compact mirror and mouse.. My GLOWING HK.. A KUROMI hand bag and an authentic KUROMI fan! OMG <3

Apparently there is two more birthday presents out there for me.. Just gotta' take the time to meet up with my loved ones..

Jason. Aside from my bra strap not a bad photo.. :9

Now time to be illegal! <3

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