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Photoshop? + What I CAN and CANT wear, GIVEWAYS?

Hihi again!


Growing up and viewing blogs and such, I've come to understand PHOTOSHOP is looked down upon in general. But I've noticed in the Gyaru community it's done commonly and those who do it arn't afraid to admit it.

So Is photoshop OK? Could I photoshop myself slimmer and such?

I don't think I would; It doesn't seem right to me. The farthest I would go is maybe lighten it to make the colours brighter; maybe pink on the cheeks. But much more then that seems like a LIE to me. When you take a picture of yourself it is of YOU and nothing else; AS IS.

I don't know, I don't see anything wrong with it for anyone else, but not for me. And I fear no matter how good I may possibly get.. I will never appear as good as I possibly can because I stear away from PHOTOSHOP.

Just my opinion on PHOTOSHOP.


Counted 47 strawberrie flowers in the garden so far!! Need to get some moth balls; last yeart the bugs got em' all :< I expect a bit more then 100 at the end of it all.. nomnomnom! Very excited.

My neighbor lets her dog use the backyard as a toilet so there's dog shit everywhere and now that all the weeds are tell theres going to be no way for them to clean the back yard--Just going to have to mow over it. EW. It's not fair. :(


I've tried keeping a food diary but I don't always carry it -everywhere- with me so I tend to forget.. What other methods are there to remembering? Write it down? Text it to yourself? Keep the reciept? IDK D:

When I was keeping one I managed to keep it for up to a week.. and I didn't eat as much as I normally do because I saw how much I already had. So when I felt hungry I thoght NO WAY! Look how much you ate already!.. that always helped.


Oh! And another present!

A KUROMI necklace! I LOVE KUROMI!!! :D


And some pics of my make for the day... e3e

w/o flash-I think it's better today. I did some shadow on the lower lash and went pink/nude with the shadow.. I don't like dark as much. Too dramatic!

w/o flash but in the light. (100 watt reveal!)

w/o flahsh.. maybe you can't see the shadow as much. It's a sheer shimmer I guess. soft pink in corner, pink on lis and over lid, dark pink on outer corners/lid. Blech..

w/flash.. just a side profile... No bumps on my nose! :D

w/flash. Very..SHINEY. Not so much with the flash. I have matte powder on so I don't know why it's shiney.. D:


So, I don't have a full-size mirror. My webcam is the first photo isin't the best quality. :/ I also don't have a stand for my camera. And my room is kinda' stuffed considering I'm pretty much living in 1 room so.. Hohoho! NO ROOM.


I'll get aorund to posting some outfits; with or without me in them. My nailpolish as well as my makeup.

I really would like some input. On my makeup, that is.

I KNOW what I need to do for clothing I just don't really have the resources at the moment. Plus clothing doesn't take skill, makeup does. So I'd like to work on something I have to do myself, not that I can just go buy.


I only purchace clothing I can wear TO work as well! BUDGET!!

Speaking of clothing... What DOES look good on bigger girls, gyaru-style?

And since I won't wear what I'm not comfertable in.. let me provide a list of what I AM comfertable in..

  • jeans-any wash, generaly flare/boot cut/skinney. Nothing redicilous.
  • capris-covering a bit of the knee. no shorter.
  • tank tops-any style, any kind. I like to layer.
  • Over shirts-like carnigans, only without buttons? Thin and flowly, right? I generally wear them with tank tops. MY BOOBS ARE E+. I CAN NEVER NOT WEAR A BRA. I have a white clear-strap bra. That is all.
  • Skirts-FLOWLY. Nothing shorter then my knee. Nothing fitted.
  • Sandles, Flats, Skater-Snekers, flat boots (Roxy, Rocket Dogg)-I have HUGH calves. I can't wear anything much higher then 2" above my knee. There are stores that make boots that I can wear but they're $50.00+ and because I'm not really ready to jump into the gyaru style as well as have anywhere to wear them... no point in buying them.

Any and all shirts I wear are long shirts to help with my tummy. I also ALWAYS wear camis.

So.. Yeah.. I guess I should provide a list of things I WONT wear.

So why won't you wear these items? There are mutiple reasons so I will explain them now. The clothing items listed will fall under one of these reasons.

  1. I don't feel comfertable in it. I will look insecure and I will constantly be figiting. It will be obvious I am not confident in what I am wearing and that will be less attractive. Confidence is a BIG part of attractivness.
  2. It just doesnt look good on me. I have upper-arm fat (DUH) and BIG thighs. MY ASS IS HUGHE. But not sagge :)
  3. I can't find it. I live in Schenectady. Only stores close to me are in malls. Rotterdam Square Mall, Colonie Center, Crossgates Mall. You can look those up to see the stores inside, visit the stores websites, see if they are gyaru-acceptable.
  4. I can't afford it.  I make $1200.00 a month, well $1000.00 a month because we're not geting OT. I have a college loan to pay off, a cellphone bill, 2 cats to take care of, transport to and form work when I can't ride my bike, food shopping, general shopping. I still need a CAR and I want to pay off my DEBT (Only about... $3000.00 worth. Not bad for someone my age) before I start investing a lot of money into my style.

  • Shorts My thighs, DUH
  • Short Skirts My thighs, DUH
Thats really it. Nothing above the knee. And I SOMETIMES allow my arms to be exposed. They're just really big. I would love to post a full-body pic of my front and side so you all can see my body and go from there not nude, lol! in like, shorts and a tank. w/e..


So, that's it for now. I have to dig up strawberry plants for future in-laws!



EDIT::How I feel about participating in GIVEAWAYS...

I don't think it's right for me to participate.

Why? Because, althought I've seen many giveaways over the years I've never announced myself or kep record of my life. No one knows who I am. No one knows I exist. But i've been watching all of your posts since 2007. I've seen you all grow up and evolve. And I've been sitting here, unknown. So for me to suddnly POP UP and participate in giveaways when there are so many of you out there whe wern't scared to be gyaru/gal/whatever you refer to yourself as.. it's not fair.

I really want to though but I don't want to win and have people come after me because I'm just now being proactive about this. So.. IDK. :/ Im sure some of the items would really help me in my evolution.



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