Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saving+Bedding+Future Plans!



I'm exactly where I wasnt to be right now with saving for NYC (actually $100.00 more...)! So very proud of myself. Because of this saving I have enough to get food-stuffs and pay bills. I have about $30.00 at the end of it all every week aside from misc purchaces (pens for work, stuff that can't be mentioned, nail polish liners..misc cheap stuff...) and because I'm trying NOT to spend money in general I have't been going out. I don't need anything! And this is great because I can focus on exercise!

Now, I have been slacking... but if you only knew what was going on in my life! I'd mention bits but I don't want the other party involved feeling disrespected by it.

I'm still eating healthy; thankfully. I'm riding my bike more and exercising when my brain isint bonkers. The exercise will pick up again though... I have the KINECT!! I have Dance Central for it, the Kinect Adventures that comes with it as well as some Biggest Loser game that my mom picked up out of intrest.

I personally don't like to exercise in front of people so i have the system in my room with my TV.

I run into some problems because of this.

  • Queen Size Bed.
  • Bedroom is 7wx14l.. and 7wx3l is closet space... tv located closet space. 1/3 of closet is used as household storage. walls are lined with stands for my items with things upon them. I donlt have a small space to work with.. D:
So I've been things.. Downsize my bed and pack up some things that I don't use (as soon as it's packed I'll want to use it..!)

I did the math, I can save for NYC, pay bills, and get this bed! Not to mention I'll be DEBT FREE by the end of the year!!! I'm so glad I ruind my credit quickly and at a young age.. I have about 80% less debt then the avg person my age...!!)

I'll try to do mini-hauls of my misc purchaces..


New bed = New sheets/decor!!!! I'm painting my room white. black grid with white tiles. I'm not sure what style to go with. I'm considering ordering my sheets from DeLAiA*s.

I've seen these for a long while and have always wanted them.

I love that style and colours!!

Ahh.. What do you think? Any suggestions? :) Love to hear them..


THanks for coming by..!



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