Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Jewelry Haul ++ Stuffs!



Sorry for the delay. The past few days have been really hard for me. I had to break something off..and the diet change and sleep.. I'm been all de-funked. Plus my sisters birthday was Thursday (Sorry! No pics! :<)


I did have to go shopping friday for her presents--(no friday make! very stressful..) and I decided that because I'm doing so good i'd treat myself! I really needed some new acceories...!!


This is such a pretty necklace! I could wear it as a choker if i wanted to.. :P

Nailpolish on left from SEPHORA.. i redid my nails.I like them better now.. :c It's COLLIDE by ILLAMSQUA

These necklaces can pretty much be worn with any of my necklaces.. :3 (maybe not the ribbon one..)


I <3 keys!

This one is my absolute favorite. Not too fond of the butterflies. :/


I found a place like Platos Closet but its called CLOTHES MENTOR.. Sizes 0-26, current fashion, shoes up to size 12...purses. etc.. real nice selection from A LOT of diff stores...

I got a CK linnen/cottn shirt.. got it too big because I wanted it as a stylish lazy day.. very cute/sexy! Very lightweight but not sheer!

I hope you enjoyed!


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