Monday, August 1, 2011

Normal Vs Gyaru + Mum returns + Exer Update!



So I didn't take a lot of pics friday and the ones I did take are not.. well. Let's just say you won't see any! haha..

I did come across some pics I took before work and I've decided to post a pic--one of regular every-day make (5-10min) as well as my gyaru make (15-30min)

^Everyday Make^

^Gyaru Make^
Please be mindful of a few things..

  1. My hair is not frizzy! I braided it the night before for some change
  2. When doing gyaru make I did not feel well AT ALL. Sub par. D:
  3. Photos taken with flash. You will not see the contour. Barley see the blush. 
I will now provide a pic taken without flash so you'll see the end result of why I use flash. :(

As you can see flash indoors in a requirement. I could have gone outside, yes. It's -SO- hot recently and I'd rather not, at least not when I'm feeling icky. Hopefully I'm feeling 110% next friday!


My sister received a Chihuahua puppy! I may be puppy-sitting him Friday! He may be a guest star next Friday..! <3


Mum returned from Otakon today. She works staff there. Every year I ask for the same things..

  • Gyaru magazine
  • COPiC markers
  • Comic papar
And this is the first year she's found nothing! Otakon must be going down hill or she didn't look hard enough. TTwTT

But every year she brings home a Hello Kitty plush for me! She also brought me some HK candies and Wye River Crab Seasoned CRABBERS in white cheddar! Delish!

She's so cute! I have an over-flow of plushies as it is.


Exercise Update:::

So I rearranged my closet to get things to fit and get more room. In the process I damaged the plugs for the wii fit! I've been trying to get it to work for 3 days now but no sucuss.. :( I have been doing some heavy duty house cleaning and lifting and I've been eating very healthy as well as riding my bike so hopefully this wont impact my progress too hard.. :(


Thats it for now! Thanks for reading.. :)



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