Friday, November 11, 2011

Stuff/Cellphone/Egg 2011--PIC HEAVY



Sorry for the very long delay. A few days after my last post my Grandmother passed and I had to rearrange my whole work schedual to get all my hours as well as time off to go to Owego.

Also working more hours then normal to get out of debt before the end of next year!

Also complicated bacause apparently I'm back in the game of being single!


I finished my cell case a while ago; I want to share the final product!

Obvisouly flash, no flah.

I really like this one, a bit heavier then the last. I've gotten a few of my friends to give me their hard cases to do with what I want. I'm doing a green/gold theme for my frien Maya. My friend Steph wants a rainbow theme and my sister Esha wants something.. not sure yet.

I'm planning on a purple one next for my phone. Due to debt being paid off (Over $700.00 to them this month!!) I can't really go out and get the materials I need.


I haven't really had time to so my full-on make/hair/etc. I have a few photos of going out, going to work.. nothing really special.

Make, no lash/lense/hair/contour

Make @work, no lense/contour

I always contour cheek/chine area. I tend not to do nose on a daily basis. D:


And as promised I have a few more from EGG2011.. I'm sorry for the delay. :<




  1. Wow, you've had so much going on! My condolences in the passing of your grandmother, losing family is hard. Thank you very much for the Egg scans, and I hope you reach the new year debt free!

  2. wow! very impressive work honey!