Saturday, February 4, 2012

Still alive~ + Cell DECO/car/ART/etc




Sorry about that. The holidays made everything so hectic and work.. I have a car now.. I got out of debt....back in with a low intrest loan on purpouse (I know what I'm doing, I swear!)... We lost 2 people at work.. long hours.. schedule changes.. moving plans...UGH!

Enough of that. I'm doing 6 days right now so I'm just going to post a few random pics from the past few months.. I've been really busy so there arn't a lot.. HO HUM~!


And there you have it!

The only exicting thing I had time to document these past few months is my phone case. I'm currently working on a ENCHANTED phone case.. :)

This one cost about $22.00 to make and about 2.5 hours.


Ok, so maybe there's more..

HUUUU.. My car. Chevy Aveo 04 <3

Enchanted parts.. :3

Christmas presents.. More misc things but I didn't take pictures.. and everything's scatterd at this point.. :P

A drawing.. I did ink it... contemplating media.

So nothing too interesting.. no pics of me. My lashes have been gathering dust. I -need- my glasses to drive mainly. It's horrid.


XOXO I will post soon! New work schedual 5 days a week 7am-3:30pm I'll have plenty of time to be more active!



  1. It's really cool! Love the glits and glam!

    Please follow me back???? :)

  2. I love that phonecase so cute!!<3 And nice blog you have, I'm ur new follower ^^