Sunday, October 9, 2011

NYC Haul + Giveaway Soon--PIC HEAVY! Make + Clothing + Random!



So I returned from New York City late last night. I was soo tired and work 7am the net day... as well as tomorrow. So please forgive me!


I spend about 36 hours in the city--walked anywhere from 15-20 miles in that time. My feet? Dead.

I saw some woman running across the street into a guy riding his bike. The bike flipped. It was so sudden!

Haul will be listed below exterior pictures of said store. Linking to store site if possible!

Well, let's get onto it!!

My hotel managed to be in the middle of Korea Town! Very nice considering I found this nice shoppe The Face Shoppe (they provided a sample of lotion/toner/clensing pad for sensative skin for the giveaway I speak of) with TONS of face masks, face and body creams, and make up! All the lashes here have a black lash-bone.

Assortmant of mask. The BOX of masks I actually got from Diagar Beauty.

Another set of masks, some giltter purple polish, nose strips (Which are actually from KOSE Beauty Shop) and peach gloss!

Diagar Beauty has a lot of high-end items. As I said I bought the box of masks from here.

I got the MAJOLICA MAJORCA Jewling Eyes (Lower left corner) from Daigar as well. This was the 2nd location I had gone to. Most of KOSE had what I was looking for. (The liner/mascara is from KOSE, the Lioele CHERRY ME blushes in Cutie Pink is from Kam Man.)


KOSE had 90% of what I was looking for!! Great thing about this place is if you spend $50.00 you get a free gift!

I did get Dolly Wink liner in brown and VOLUME mascara from here (See above store for pic!)

I got a lash case, lower dolly wink in Real Nude and Dolly Sweet in upper. I actually got the lowers from Kam Man! The middle upper ones I picked up from The Face Shoppe.

This is the BB Cream I picked up. Based on research It appeared this was the best one for my skin type..!


KAM MAN (I swear it was KAN is one of the most impressive stores! The lowere lvl is food stuffs and the upper floor is a massive collection of sanrio goods, make, lashes, creams, etc! I kept wandering in circles.. hah..

I did pick up DOLLY WINK lowers here. I also picked up Lioele CHERRY ME blushes in Cutie Pink. I was tempted by all the sanrio goods but I still had clothings to buy!


The one thing that makes me sad is I couldn't find any Diamond Lash nor CANMAKE! :<


So I did do my nails before going to the city..
I got atleast 30 compliments from other women in the city.. I think this was a good choice.!



This guy was on his foot, running and jumping everywhere. See the other one on the fence? He was 1ft from me! They have balls. There was also a clusterfuck of pigeons nearby.

This guy was AMAZING! He was playing Mad World at the moment of taking this pic. He also played an assortment of other songs. But really! Who brings a harp to play in the subway!? So cool~

I don't like the cookie monster, actully. :(


So I shopped mainly at Forever 21. Century 21, Old Navy, American Eagle, etc... BALLS for selection. I left Forever 21 around 1:30am. Yes, AM. Ofcourse I went after I ate dinner, went to a roof-top bar, had a few drinks and a bottle of wine.. it was soo fun.. haha

From Payless (So fancy!) I wasn't looking for shoes but my feet were killing me so I jut grabbed these. Not too bad!

"Nothing is Impossible".. panda~

I love the lace and bow around the neckline.

This is more of a brighter colour. I was on the fence about this but it's so soft and such a pretty colour..

Tank with front pocket! For under shirt above..

This is actually from H&M! I got it to wear over the coarl/black tank I bought (below......)

Ahhh!!! I love this top so much!! Lace goes around the back as well

Only jeans I could find that I liked. Skinneys with some rips.

I saw this online and told myself to get it! I'm so glad they had it in store!

Short sleeve sweater..

This is the only thing I got from American Eagle.

PURSE! I actually LOVE it! It's kinda; burgendy. I was going to get another purse from the Sanrio Store (for over the shouldeR) but the SANRIO store in NYC sucked ass. :< I was soo surprised with how much ass it sucked! I picked up something for the giveaway I'm going to launch in  week or two... and 2 pens. But their selection is HORRID. You're better off...WAY better off going to KAM MAN for your Sanrio fill! TRUST ME!


Thank you for taking the time to check this out. I will be doing swatches, make posts, and more in-depts looks at some of the things I got!!




  1. All your gets are amazing! I'm really loving the tops and sweaters from F21~

  2. I am so GRATEFUL they exist! And that they were open till 2AM. It just sucks I couldn't find many bottoms..!! :,<