Monday, July 18, 2011

Block Party-Sister Make-HK Lense Case ++! And G_S!



So my sister wanted me to do her make. No lashes and nothing extreme. She's not ino that kind of make.. e_e; But we were going to the block party/art night and seeing as I usually do MY make/hair on Friday it would be good for us to take pics together!!

Please enjoy the pics.. :)


My HK Lense Case~ nothing fancy. I put gems around it.. :3

I needed some new black liner in a pot--I tried this. The pic above is one small dip and all those lines are from ONE DIP... amazing..!

My sister and I... <3 I used my HiP liner for the both of us. Very smoothe~

I did my nails last night. I have some clean up on the edges still. The only way that I can grow them is by painting them and leaving them alone. They're very weak so they break easily. :,(




Side Note:

I was aware from the start that TESE lashes (ANGEL, BTW) appeard a bit too much. But I have them and I'm not going to NOT use them... :) I apprecaite the honesty. I was waiting for someone to say how these really looked on me.. I knew it. People are just too nice. XP I personally like Gorgeous.. I'm wearing them in the above pics.

And as far as posting bad pics-- I'm still learning. I NEVER SAID I WAS GYARU. I'm still learning. And posting all sorts of pics allows a view of all angels to see areas I need to work on.. <3 And not all gyaru looks look right on all those who are learning gyaru or are gyaru... so not all tutorials are appropriate for everyone. That's why I post so many tutorials.. :9

I love my nose~ It's shapes like a BULB. I'm very thankful I don't have a ridge bump.. :)

Flash in Photos: Because of the lighting inside If I don't use flash it appears orange/yellow/brown. I contour much~flash just hides it. :(

Thank you so much for your input! I will do my best to improve! :)



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