Friday, July 8, 2011

Rain days; BB Cream and Volume!



Just to start off.. bad weather, bad start to the day. I had bad timing EVERYWHERE. I never got a chance to do my hair and my make is sub-par..

No matter how much I contour it never shows in the pics. I keep hearing CONTOUR MORE but if you saw me in person I'm on the border of obvious.. T__T

Lashes: angel top; nude bottom


I did go to Sephora and get a sample of BOSICA BB Cream (I see them calling it Beauty Balm)..

I have enough of a sample for 3 uses. Not sure if i'll fall in love for it or not with that many uses.. we'll see!

I'll let you know!


I've been told that I need more volume to my hair. I've used mousse, spray, gel.. etc.. all claiming to make hair more volumis! I have not really seen much results from these items.

I was reading in one of my mags about Got2b POWDER'ful..

I have yet to use it but it goes in dry hair which I like.. I did put a bit on my hand to feel the texture. it's like a very fine ground.. powder.. that dissppears when rubbed together in your palms.. then you put it in your hair--BUT ANYWAY. We'll learn more about my experience with this tomorrow, perhaps.


Thanks for staying with me! If you've used Bosica BB cream or Got2b POWDER'ful let me know your experiences!!



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