Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Daily Make + Progress?? Pics Included/review



Gyaru make is only something I can do on the weekends~ I do (time to time)  wear my make to work (no lesne) and do my hair (not to the full extent) at work.. but only if I have time in the morning.

I always do something with my make. I usually have the same look day to day, eyeshadow changes. Usually I don't wear any. I just use foundation on my eyelids to make a nice flat colour. That's about it.



I start with GARNIER Moisture Rescuse Gel Cream. A little goes a long way. Skin soaks it up quickly. No oily residue! This is my 2nd one. Previous was a lotion base. I Can't find it anymore but it's the same thing, from what I gather.

I recieved a sample of Murad Essential-C Eye Cream SPF 15 and I've been using it every day for the past 3 weeks. I haven't been keeping track of any possible improvment. And I'm out of it now. For the price of $44.00 not sure if it's something I'll get. An eye-cream of some brand, I will invest in. I feel pamperd using this though!

Now HARD CANDY : Sheer Envy Not oily or shiny. Very light weight, smooth. It's like extra lotion! Not much differnce then not using it at all, IMO.  I use this only if I have time to bother or it's super hot out.

I love MAYBELLINE DREAM MATTE MOUSSE! It covers well, a little goes a long way. Light weight, stays on. Very blendable. Natural! I use this under my eyes, on my eyelids, T-ZONE, and my chin. If needed, other spots (Normally not needed. :9).

I use PHYSICANS FORMULA Baked Collection : Baked Sweets middle and right colour (mixed) to fill my brows in. I sometimes use this set as my shadow for the day. You can use it wet although I never have.

I love URBAN DECAY Cheek Stain : QUICKIE! Little goes a long way, very blendable. And I've discoverd something AMAZING! When you mix URBAN DECAY Cheek Stain : QUICKIE  and MAYBELLINE DREAM MOUSSE Blush : Pink Frosting (10)URBAN DECAY Cheek Stain : QUICKIE it looks like CANMAKE CREAM CHEEK #03 : Strawberry Whip! It's utterly amazing! It'll never replace the real thing but I'm happy with it. I wont be purchasing CANMAKE #03 untill one of these two are gone..or both! And the grat thing about UD is it stays all day~

I absolutly LOVE PHYSICANS FORMULA HAPPY BOOSTER : Nude! Little bronze, coverage, and PINKKK!! It's a really natural and healthy topper~ Lightweight.  I buff it on with the PHYSICANS FORMULA KABUKI BRISH (pictured with blush).. nice and smmooottthhheee~

I rotate between benefit BAD gal Lash and RIMMER DAY2NIGHT mascara. I mainly use the DAY side. 

Other Products I use time to time

Styli-Style Line and Seal eye line in 171 Extreme Black

I guess I use a lot. D:


Exercise Update:

So this is my routine!

A little much? I'm not sure.

Weight Loss-1.5 lbs
I'm not counting this as any progress because weight fluxs 2 pounds daily. When I get to the 5lb area I'll start getting excited.




  1. Thanks!! I'm going to post my skin care eventually. i'de love to do a tut sometime but I'm no where near skilled enough to be teaching others on how to do it. If someone req it maybe. D: I have webcam but blech. I should put together a compliation of make I use when I put my gyaru make on!!! it'd be a -LONG- post.. :DD