Friday, June 17, 2011

Going out~



So I had every intention of going out today. I did my make and hair, took pics (which you will see) and left to cash my check. I forgot it, came back to get it then cashed it.

My main thing today was a pedi. As I came home to change to go get my pedi I stubbed my toe bad-blood and everything! I'm obvisouly not getting a pedi anymore..

So sad.. I stayed home. :( All this make and hair wasted~~!


Atleast I can show pics.. :3

I think angel is VERY dramatic for me.. they were a lot easier to put on. Possibly because I've been applying lashes daily.. heh

Front-shot for lashes.


Oh hum?

I really hate stubbing my toe. It's 4pm and I wouldnt get to my place of destination till 4:30pmish.. and Boo Bear is coming over in a few hours.. :(




  1. Awww you look so cute <3 I love the hair, make, and your outfit <3. btw if you don't mind me asking where did you get the lower lashes?

  2. I purchaced them from D-tan. She has a wonderful sales post where you can select from diff DIAMOND LASH sets she has and make your own set.. view it here!!

  3. Those lashes look cute on you!