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I tried doing the jum page READ MORE link but every thing I followed--including the BLOGSPOT guide did not help. I'M SORRY :(

Omg it worked!


So right now my main focus in getting my make to where it needs to be. As I said before.. you can buy clothing but you can't buy skill. I've spent the past few days with my BF and have had more time to explors the visual world of gyaru. I've come acorss many tutorials. Some hair but mostly make. I didn't save many hair ones due to my hair not being long enough to do much with.

Bear in mind many of these are scanned by other bloggers who have scanned and provided these such as A Little Bit Of Eki (Full magazine scans provided via link). Otheres are from and an assortmant ot other sites. I've been collecting them for a bit now so I do apolagize if I can not recall where I have acquired these from. TT_TT

I hope you enjoy! I will be sure to put these to use for myself! :D

Mine you they are generaly in order; may be a bit backwords. A hair tutorial is mixed in as well as a fewpages for nails~


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