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I know it's been a few days. Working and such.. But before I get to the actual post I just wanna give a heads up on the up-coming tutorial categorys I have thus far...

Post 1

  • Make
Post 2
  • Contour
Post 3
  • Blush
Post 4
  • Foundation
Post 5
  • Hair
Post 6
  • Nails
Post 7
  • Exercise
Now I'm breaking these up into 7 posts due to the amount of contents. I have a good amount so far but I'd like to build on this tutorial collection for you all.

Why am I building this tutorial haven? I think tutorials are -VERY- important. I'm trying to provide a large amount of varriety from styles, skill lvl, as well as eye shape. Not all the tutorials I have thus far have lower lashes as part of the tutorial or sometimes no lashes at all! I've come across a few with little to NO contouring.

Basically saying It;'s one of the best tools you can have... and you can never have too many. There's such a varriety of styles and techniques.  I've learned tons from them and still learning more.. I understand a lot I just don't have the skill to use it. :,(


I recieved my lenses in the mail today! I've offically started the 2-day soaking period!

I got them in New Adult Green from  PinkyParadise..! So very excited!

Blue piggie lense case~ And a Dariya hair magic sheet!

Soak em' for 2 days, right?!

Now, I did try this. No pics, late wrk night..Huhu
It does what it says (keeps hairs, bangs, fringe out of your face when applying make/washing face, etc) but when I took it off it made that section a fuzz-ball. D: I'll take a pic another timeee~~


I alos went to Sephora in search of a new cheek blush to soon-replace my CANMAKE cream cheek...



First off I was going to get MAKEUP FOREVER IN 6. Very close match but when I saw UD in Quickie I knew which one I wanted.

It's not a match, by any means. But the lack of shimmer excites me. Maybe it's time for a change. :P

This is me wearing it after a 12 hour day. But it's such a pretty colour~~
Please excuse to heart-face boyfriend. Goofy face is goofy.

I have been looking for this for over a month. I find it at The Christmas Tree Shoppe--ON SALE?

My Thoughts:
Sad it have no top/cover.
Lives up to everything good you'll read about it.

What I Use It On:

Now, aside from this brush I use a blush brush. I don't press hard. Just putting it out there that this is already crumbling apart at the edges. GREAT PRODUCT THOUGH! :(

Sephora: harajuku shower cap.. YAY. Wanted the Hello Kitty one ;<
Victorias Secret: Can we say 75% off sale? This is the only thing I got~ WOW.

I have opinons on the scent as of yet although I can say it's called LOVE ME. Not musky.


And some make/outfit.

I look SHORT ?(I am only 5'3) but Boo~Bear took this pic and he's taller then I so.. maybe bad choice. ;<

I did my hair in about 30 minuets with a straigtner. 410 heat and got2b flat iron spray. I used STYLETINI from Got2b to have it hold. Did I good job.

I've tried so many things to get volume at the top of my haed. Hair's heavy. I think I need BUMPITS. lol

Just something a lil'fuzzy.

XOXOMOKO (And Boo~Bear.. he hates pics! <3)

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