Monday, June 20, 2011

Layout + Products + Pics Included



First off, I'm sure it's obvious. I've make a new layout. I managed to get my hands on ADOBE:White Rabbit and I've been going crazy with it. I'm going to invest in a tablet and start doing oekakis again.. :) If some of you didn't know I'm an ARTIST. I haven;t done anything new so bear with me.  Haha


I invested in a few new products.

I'm almost out my my CANMAKE cream cheek (#03) so I was trying to find an alterniatve, Someone suggested Maybelliene Dream Mousee blush. I got it in PINK FORSTING. I like it.. as a base. It wasn't as noticable as CANMAKE cream cheek is... I like it to be a brighter pink. I'm most likley going to end up going to SEPHORA for TARTE cheek stain. Ughh~

I'm not too dissapointed considering I love they mousse products by Maybelliene.

Now if I did go the TARTE route not sure what colour to invest in. I'm best bringing my CANMAKE cream cheek with me and do swatches there. Ho hum~ Any suggestion on what would best match CANMAKE Cream Cheek #03?


Another product I invested in was Hard Candy SHEER ENVY primer (1.6oz)

I'm no one to do a review, I guess. I like the smell. Pea size amount goes a long way. Doesn't take long to dry. Skin feels softer after removal. I've only used it once so I can't give any other kind of input. I didn't go out nor leave the make on long so I can't really even say if it works, I guess. HAHA..

Nudy on bottom
Gorgeous on top
Maybelline Dream Mousse PINK FROSTING blush
HARD CANDY Sheer Envy Primer
++++++other randoms++++++


Thank you all so much!! I'm working the next 3 days (12-14 hr/days) so I may not be able to post anything but I'll be sure to prepare pic wise for the nect post!


Stay tuned!



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