Wednesday, June 22, 2011




So because of me work schedual for the next week I have no time to go out and because I rarely have time in the morning I wont be doing much of anything.

To make it up to everyone I'be been on the hunt for tutorials of all sorts. I'm creating the ultimate gyaru tutorial collection for all of you to share with.. maybe not the most ultimate but I'm trying <3

What will be included in the near future?
WELL! I'm making the following categorys~

99% of these are from POPTEEN, RANZUKI, EGG, AGEHA scans from May-2011 and newer.
  • Makeup Tutorial 3
    • Some may inculde tutorials of contouring.
  • Hairstyle Tutorial 2
  • Eyebrow Tutorial
  • Blush Tutorial
  • Foundation Tutorial
    • Base for any make. Some may include tidbits of contouring.
  • Nails
    • Nail tutorials included
  • Exercise
    • HOW TO!
  • Before and After
    • Included is a before and after tutorial that shows you step by step what it took to get there!

Why this? I have time to surf the net. I don't have time to sit aorund and put make on. I have a lot but it's a waste regardkess. I hate having 3 of everything just a different brand!


Let me know what you think! And as I said before please let me know some tutorials you use so I can include them for everyone--even if you made it yourself!

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