Thursday, June 16, 2011




So while I was at work my boyfrined went to my house to fix my kitchen cealing. During that time a package from Cali came!

And what could it be?


The ones I got were:
Nudy (x2)

Build Your Own Diamond Lash Sets from  D-Tan!! A great price too~ :)

She also included a cute DOLLY WINK nail booklet.. I'm going to try some of the designes inside.. <3

Thank you D-Tan! I'll be sure to pick up more lashes another time.. :)

I'm very excited. After work I get into my pajamas and scuffle around the house till wee hours in the morning. Thankfully, I'm getting a pedi tomorrow along with some minor shopping. I'm going to attempt my first HAUL post. <3 SO WEARING LASHES TOMORROW!

Now I'm waiting on my New Adult Green lenses from PinkyParadise.. >3< WHEE!

Boo-Bear putting up sheet-rock. <3 SHMEXY.



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  1. I'm excited to see your lashes~ Make sure to post pictures when you wear the bottom pair. I'd like to grab some but I'm not sure which ones I want yet ^^